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It’s is the best of BOTH worlds!

The software installs and runs locally on your PC like Microsoft Office, but your data and CVs are all stored online in the Cloud on our secure web servers.

This local installation gives you:

  • A rich & familiar user experience like Microsoft Office
  • A CRM that can talk directly to Outlook and MS Word in order to provide a truly integrated experience

And the ‘Cloud’ element results in:

  • Access to the same candidate data, no matter where the Consultants are located or accessing the system from
  • A system that can integrate directly with LinkedIn, job boards, and your agency’s website
The cloud hosted version of the software is perfect for teams of 1-15 recruiters.

The Enterprise recruitment solution can handle the needs of larger agencies (e.g. 100-500 users) through our capability to easily extend and enhance the product to handle more sophisticated demands.

Larger agencies can also choose to have the CRM customised to their exact needs.

The CRM handles perm, interim and search disciplines very well.

The software is NOT primarily designed to handle the needs of temporary labour, but we are in the process of developing temp modules.

This database CRM is also perfect for HR and Applicant Tracking.

Yes, we have an API (technical term for a secure tunnel) which enables:

  • The latest job vacancies to be automatically posted to your website or RSS feeds
  • Online Candidate applications with CVs to be directly inserted into the recruitment database for follow up

Speak to Sales who will provide you with further information.


The application contains a VisualForm Designer which enables us to quickly implement your database changes on demand (hourly charges may apply).

We can also plumb in the following:

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Website Integration
  • Custom Back Office Implementation
  • Custom Integration with 3rd Party Systems (eg. LinkedIn)
There are several reports modules.

Firstly can use the live Data Explorer to create and save live tabular views of your information, which you can re-run at any time.

Second the software contains Microsoft SQLServer Reporting, the Enterprise-level reporting package. There are 3 standard reports but you can order more.

Finally the software comes with a complete Business Intelligence Dashboard which tells you precisely how your agency is performing.

Please speak to Sales for further information.

No, but we would be happy to recommend reliable suppliers appropriate to your needs.
Yes, this is our Enterprise version.

Enterprise costs significantly more than the normal hosted version of Darwin (typically prices start at GBP 25,000) and is geared up for the needs of larger organisations with very specific requirements and policies.

We can customise the Enterprise version of Darwin to integrate with other systems and workflows.

Speak to Sales for further information.

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We have several high security data centres located in the UK, US, and Singapore. Our configuration is mirrored and backed up to different locations to ensure continuity in case of a single point of failure.

Unlike other CRM software vendors, each Darwin 1-Click customer has their very own SQLServer database. Nothing is shared, it’s all segregrated for maximum security and privacy.

All data is encrypted and stored in keeping with enterprise level protocols.

Yes. This is state-of-the-art CRM database software and contains the world’s first drag & drop VisualForm designer for Windows.

Unlike other products we can visually layout the forms to your EXACT preference, increasing recruiter buy-in and usability. YOU help the system be really easy to use.

You can ask our Customer Service department to make the changes for you (an hourly rate may apply).

Yes. The simplest and most cost effective way is to put your data into Excel using our Excel templates. We then charge GBP 80 per thousand records imported. We can also import straight from candidate CVs at the same rate.

We can perform a custom data import by writing bespoke routines to extract data from a 3rd party recruitment database system and map it straight in. Please note our daily development rates apply (GBP 1250+vat per day).

Ideally you should export your existing data into Excel / CSV format. Please contact Sales for our templates, in order that you can provide the data in the format we require.

You can also provide us with a folder of CV documents for us to import and create records from.

We can provide custom import services from 3rd party databases, but this takes the longest of all import methods and is therefore the most costly.

Not currently. While other CRM cloud providers place limits on customer accounts, with us there is no limit.

There is however a 2MB file limit if uploading from an Email and a 5MB file limit if uploading directly from a record, but you can upload as many as you need.

Yes, you can use the Data Explorer feature to create lists of Candidates or Clients, and export them straight from the database to Excel.

NOTE: This feature can be locked down should you so wish. Simply contact Support with your instructions.

Yes. We understand the need for agencies to feel secure about their database, so have a nightly routine which can copy data down from our server to yours, or to an FTP location of your choice.

Regardless we have triple redundant backups on our own servers to ensure the provision of a reliable and uninterrupted service.

Contact Sales for further details.

We’d be sorry to see you go, but should you ever wish to leave us simply send a data migration request to our Service Department who will prepare an Excel backup for you (charges may apply).

This backup is either posted out to you on DVD, or uploaded to a secure server following your written confirmation.

If your new CRM provider requires a different format contact us and we will see if we can assist (charges may apply).


Yes. You have the system automatically configured to send emails, generate reports, generate contracts, review items, wait for other actions to complete, perform custom calculations, and so on.

The software has a number of configuration possibilities including:

    • VisualForm Designer for fast prototyping and implementation
    • We have designed Darwin 1-Click to be extended or customised in any way, from custom menus to custom functionality to custom reports. So whether you want one of the recruitment features to work in a specific way or execute a custom workflow, Darwin 1-Click will handle it. Custom software developments rates apply.

In the first instance contact Sales to discuss your requirements. Ideally supply them with a document containing your step-by-step process specifying the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN of each step.

Contact Sales who will:

  1. Find out how many licences you require
  2. Go through your workflow to double check that this is the right recruitment database solution for your agency
  3. Provide a tour of the recruitment software and answer any questions
  4. Generate a Proposal and Order Form
  5. Process your order through to our Delivery Department ready for Training & GoLive

In the first instance contact Sales:

Tel: +44 121 285 0638
Email: sales [at] darwin.com

Yes! Our sales department would be happy to quote you for integration with any 3rd party accounts, CRM, or business application. Please contact Sales with full details.
When you create a new Candidate record the CV Resume Parser automatically populates the Candidate form with data stripped from the CV, such as address, previous employment details, etc.

The CRM already enables users to keyword search directly within CV’s, but having a populated form saves CV reading and enables even better searching.

Contact Sales to see a demo.

Our standard dashboard can be replaced with one of your specification with information from the database or information from remote databases.

Contact Sales to define what information you would like to show (charges apply).


Currently the CRM system works with 32bit versions of Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and some variants of Office 2013/2016/365 (check with Customer Service).

NB. The CRM always requires the English language version of Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.

Darwin 1-Click requires a mid-range machine with:-

Processor: less than 3 years old
RAM: at least 4GB
Broadband: a 2MB internet connection which is stable and not shared by too many people (NB. Where possible this should be wired access rather than wireless, which can have a massive impact on the performance of internet enabled applications such as Darwin)
Monitor: A good size monitor running at least 1024 resolution or higher


The system also requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher to be installed (which if Windows Updates are running should automatically be installed for you).

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, therefore Windows7 or higher is required.

NOTE: As this will be a mission-critical recruitment system for your agency, it is best practice to give your recruiters the best tools for the job. So if possible give them the BEST spec machine and broadband you can afford, in order that the system keeps up with them and they are able to make the most placements in the shortest possible time frame.

The database integrates with Microsoft Office/Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013, and also Microsoft Exchange.

NB. Darwin 1-Click always requires the 32bit English language version of Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013.

Unlike web-based cloud recruitment software, Outlook is available to you actually WITHIN Darwin 1-Click (if installed on the machine).

When the software first loads, Outlook is opened in the background and the system builds a duplicate of the Outlook Inbox for an integrated experience.

NB. Darwin always requires the 32bit English language version of Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013.

Highlights are:

  • Email received from a Candidates is automatically processed and attached to their record permanently in the database
  • Recruiters can create a new Candidate profile from an email with CV attachment in a single click
  • Imported mail is searchable in the global search, and available to the whole team
  • Imported mail is backed up on our server so if anything happens to Outlook / the office / that recruiter, etc nothing is lost.

Contact Sales for a demo today.

Yes. But you would require the Enterprise CRM edition (contact Sales for details).

The application is installed on your PC as with the normal hosted edition, except with the Enterprise Edition data is stored internally on your own servers behind your firewall and not in the Cloud.

Please note that you would be responsible for purchasing commercial SQL Server licenses, data backup, and server maintenance.

Contact Sales for further details.

The recruitment CRM software is written in English, but the data forms and fields can be in a different language (such as Spanish or French). Same for currencies.

Likewise larger customers may like to know that custom workflows can also be written for non-English countries, making it really easy for non-English users to operate.

NB. Darwin 1-Click always requires the 32bit English language version of Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.

If you would like to know if the CRM will run in your particular language then please contact sales [at] darwin[dot] com

Yes but not officially. Many users have reported it working fine.

Darwin 1-Click is state-of-the-art Microsoft-based software specifically designed for the Windows platform. While it has not been tested on a MAC, many users have reported good results with Darwin 1-Click when running Parallels on a MAC and using Boot Camp.

NOTE: Running Parallels will require you to have a separate Windows licence, but enables you to switch seamlessly between operating systems.

We have a Darwin APP that you can use when out and about which will give you access to your data.

But remember that Recruiters spend over 80% of their time in front of a PC or laptop, so the main Darwin system was designed to run optimally in this environment. The recruitment software was also designed to integrate with Outlook and LinkedIn, which it can do best while running on the recruiter’s computer rather than in just a web browser.

However it’s becoming a mobile world so we are currently working on extending the functionality of the APP in a variety of ways.

Not directly, but Microsoft Outlook can be setup to integrate with Gmail and other pop accounts, and the system integrates with Outlook. So it can be done in a round about way.

See also the answer to the IMAP question below.

Yes, the database integrates with IMAP email (server side email which can be synchronised with multiple PC’s or devices).

This opens up some powerful configuration possibilities, where Outlook and IMAP mail services like Gmail can be configured to work together with the system.

NOTE: If you have an IMAP account the system will give this precedence over an PoP3 account found on the same machine, but most people have either PoP3 or IMAP.

The CRM software will integrate with 1 Email account per user at a time. This can be configured with POP3 / IMAP or EXCHANGE.

If you have multiple email accounts, you will need to work out the best way to configure this into 1 account. Please speak to your IT provider for further advice.


Contact Sales who will:

  1. Find out how many licences you require
  2. Go through your workflow to double check that this is the right CRM recruitment database solution for your agency
  3. Provide a tour of the recruitment software and answer any questions
  4. Generate a CRM Proposal and Order Form
  5. Process your CRM order through to our Delivery Department ready for Training & GoLive

In the first instance contact Sales:

Tel: +44 121 285 0638
Email: sales [at] darwin[dot] com

Yes, under one license you can install the software onto multiple computers (e.g. work, laptop, home).

NOTE: You should NOT however provide colleagues with your login details for use at the same time as yourself, as 2 people using the same login will most likely cause unpredictable results and may corrupt your database.

To install onto another PC, simply run the installation process on that PC following the 1-click installation details provided to you when you first purchased the system.

Yes, CV Parsing is included in the current version (1Click) at no extra cost.

Our CV parsing partner is a company called Daxtra, who are known to be the market leader in this space. Please note that you do not need a separate arrangement with Daxtra to use the CV parsing in the recruitment software.

We operate a fair usage policy which enables the service to be provided freely to all users.

Currently each user has 100 texts included with their CRM account each month without charge.

Texts over this amount are charged at 5p per SMS message, billed quarterly in arrears.

SMS is currently only available to UK customers, but we are looking to expand the service internationally.

No, the VisualForm Designer is not available, however, We provide a Free update service whereby we make small routine changes for free.

Simply contact the Customer Service department (service[at]darwin.com) with details of your changes. Hourly charge may apply for substantial changes.

New users can be added at any time by another user with ‘Manager’ status.

This action is performed in the Options panel (top left butterfly icon) Users section where a Manager would click the ‘Add New’ button and agree to be billed for the new user. He/she is then presented with a new user row for the person’s name, email, status etc.

  • The new user is automatically sent an email containing a download link along with username & password
  • Sales will raise the invoice for the new user, which should be paid within 7 days.
You are free to leave at any time, but please note that we do not refund unused licence time.

Once the necessary paperwork is signed off, your data can be exported to Excel with CVs (Sales will provide a quotation at the time).

NOTE: We have a dedicated Service Team whose sole job is to ensure customers are completely satisfied and their system is working efficiently.

So in the unlikely event that you are experiencing any problems that would make you want to think about leaving, we would be grateful of the opportunity to rectify those problems first.

Additional Modules

The 1CLICK CRM Dashboard can be customised to your requirements. You should contact service [at] darwin[dot]com to discuss the changes you would like.

This service is chargeable as it will require an engineer to code the changes and test before deployment.

We can build reports that work in the Dashboard or standalone SQL reports (the SQL reports are usually a lot more complex).

You should contact service [at] darwin[dot]com to discuss your requirements. The reports are billed according to their complexity.

The Darwin 1-Click system has partnered with Idibu (www.idibu.com) to allow you to post jobs from the vacancy record in the CRM out to Idibu and the Job Boards.

You will need a valid Darwin licence, an Idibu account and posting credits for each of your chosen Job Boards all of which you will need to pay for.

The default modules on the Dashboard are My Activity, Upcoming Interviews and the individual Vacancy report.

The rest are available via upgrade, you can contact service [at] darwin.com for upgrade packages and pricing.