CRM Provider Offers Remote Support to Recruiters

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CRM provider offers remote support

Darwin has integrated Cisco’s award winning GoToAssist® into its support offering, enabling Support personnel to view a user’s screen within minutes if needed. The software enables Darwin Support personnel to remote view and remote control (with the user’s permission) the recruiter’s CRM on the user’s PC while the user talks to the Support representative directly on the phone. When the issue is resolved control of the user’s screen is handed back to the user, who can continue with his work.

The innovative recruitment software package already contains many resources (most of which are built right into the product for free) including:

  • a comprehensive & searchable knowledge base
  • a detailed & searchable help file, with pictures & animations to illustrate common tasks
  • an entire library of How To movies, which serve as view & repeat on-demand training
  • access to the Origin test system, for users to try features before implementing
  • ticketed support
  • priority telephone support
  • out of hours emergency support

CEO Mike Chatha said:

“Software users in general don’t want support – they just want to get to back to what they were doing before they needed assistance. We understand that, and therefore as a company we can’t do enough to ensure that our customer maintain their momentum. Initially we will be making remote support available to all customers, which added to the huge amount of support resources we already offer should result in even greater peace of mind.”

John Walden, Chief Technical Officer, said:

“The software has been extensively tested, so hopefully we shouldn’t need to use the GoToAssist technology too often. This remote viewing/control software integrated into our support process enables us to diagnose and fix any issue in minutes, which is the kind of service level our customers need to rely on in today’s fast-paced market.”