What are the Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency?

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Should we use a Recruitment Agency

HR departments are busier than ever and their role has expanded over the years. Not only are they responsible for the organising of recruitment, there are also the many staff related policies and procedures to create and update, employment law to be knowledgeable of, the range of staff support networks to provide, dealing directly or indirectly with disciplinary issues, the keeping of detailed files of all employees and – depending on the company – perhaps even internal communications and payroll.
With all this to deal with and the reduction in many companies of the available HR staffing, many are looking to outsource their recruitment requirements to an agency. This can bring mixed reactions; the freeing up of time to focus on other responsibilities but at the same time the thoughts of some element of loss of control over an integral part of what makes the company itself – the staff.




The main benefits of using a recruitment agency are:

  • They save a great deal of legwork from the time-strapped day of any in-house recruitment manager
  • They can source candidates and check their references, their background and previous work experience
  • They will only refer those who they feel are suitable for your vacancies.

This service does of course cost money, but saves an enormous amount of time – most of which is administrative.

Saving you time
Once a recruitment agency has the details of a candidate, it’s a quick process to fill a vacancy. All you need to do is send the details of the job, the responsibilities and the experience and qualifications you are looking for. The agency uses their bank of information to select the candidates and set up interviews. You know that they will have already checked them for the necessary skills and you don’t need to wade through dozens of application forms or CVs to find a short list for the interview panel. It’s all completed for you.

Temporary staffing
Using a recruitment agency also means that it is much easier to find staff to fill jobs on a temporary basis. This is helpful for short term staffing solutions such as sickness or maternity leave, or it can be a springboard for a more permanent job offering. It also means that you can take on staff as you need to as the candidate remains employed by the agency but you can observe their work and suitability to both any permanent vacancy and the company itself whilst they are working for you.

Staff morale
There are some possible down sides to using a recruitment agency, but not many. If you take on a number of temporary staff, permanent staff may feel that there is a more transient nature to their working environment which could affect morale and there is the reliance on handing control of your recruitment needs to an agency who may struggle to find candidates because of how and where they advertise. However, the vast majority of positives far outweigh the negatives of using a recruitment agency and the issues which could arise can be resolved with a combination of communication with existing staff and fine tuning the relationship with the agency.

Overall – it’s a good move.
Finding and working with a recruitment agency which really understands your needs means that you can look forward to a strong partnership, streamlining and enhancement of processes and the filling of vacancies in a much shorter time frame. This then leaves you free to work on other areas of your own job knowing your staffing needs are in safe hands.