Profile Management

CV Extraction

Registering Candidates could not be easier or faster, as you can parse a candidate’s CV into the database with a single click and have all their work history and qualifications available to you and your team in seconds.

You can manually upload CVs or extract them directly from email attachments from candidates or job boards.

Imagine, not having to manually copy and paste information into different places? Imagine it all being done with a single click AND having the CV document attached against the new candidate record.. automatically!

The time saving in this alone means you can focus on bringing in more business and placing more candidates.

CV Parsing

Notes / Journal

Recording conversations and other key facts in the form of notes is vital to effectively recalling important information relating to a Client or Candidate… and saves you having to remember it yourself.

Darwin 1Click CRM allows you to quickly add a note to a record.. in 1Click. Notes added to the database are available to view immediately by anyone else using 1Click, naturally. They are also searchable too.

You also have the option to use the ‘Quicknote’ function, which not only allows you to add a note with a click but has the added bonus of enabling you to add a Task so you don’t miss that all important follow up, or send that Email/SMS for confirmation of your conversation. The Quicknote also forms part of the reporting functionality that captures consultant activity.


Audit History

Darwin 1Click records all actions by all users against all record, automatically. From the time it was created all through the life cycle of the record.

This allows any user to be able to see what updates have been made to the record, what documents have been added and deleted, what Emails and SMS have been sent, and what vacancies the candidate has been shortlisted for.

A date/time stamp and the user who performed the action is recorded giving a full and permanent archive of all interactions with that particular record.



1Click stores all Email and ‘outgoing’ SMS correspondence against relevant records, in the Messages tab. This allows users to have 360 Degree visibility of communications in one place.

No more searching through Outlook for a specific Email, simply open the relevant record and with 1Click you have all the messages in front of you for easy reference.

You can Reply/Forward from the record and all outgoing Emails are also stored against the record where they are date/time stamped and show the sender details.



A Recruiters work time is often at a premium so it is vital to be able to remember all follow up actions, calls, Emails…the list goes on. This is often an impossible task.

1Click allows you to Schedule reminders against specific records so you do not have to be a Memory Champion! Simply click the Schedule tab, select the appropriate day and time, set a reminder, add a quick reference note and save.

An entry is added in the Global Diary and when the time comes for the action to be dealt with you get a pop up on the screen reminding you. No more looking for old Postit Notes as it is all stored in 1Click.

You can even add your colleagues to the ‘Appointment’ to if required and an entry will also appear in their individual Diaries.

Document Management

Document Management

Add documents to records from an Email or directly from your PC with 1Click. Rest assured that all key documentation is stored in its rightful place and will be a single click away when in the record itself.

You can add the most common types of documents (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG) and some not so common. From 1Click you can access them directly simply by clicking on the link to the document and in the case of CVs you can Parse them directly into the record if you have received an updated version of the document. All information at your fingertips.

1Click will also allow you to create a Corporate version of a Candidate CV to send to your client, this can be amended by you to exclude any personal information and can be created using your Company branded Header and Footer.



LinkedIn is a mainstay of Recruitment in the modern age so we have made it easy to add your LinkedIn connections (although you do not actually have to be connected to the individual to add their profile into the 1Click database) to your Candidate database.

Simply open the individuals LinkedIn profile, hover over the black arrow icon and select ‘save to PDF’ and as long as the profile has been set to public the 1Click system will automatically create a Candidate record, using the information in that LinkedIn profile.

1Click will also save a full PDF version of the LinkedIn profile against the Candidate record which all users have instant access to. No more Copying and Pasting from LinkedIn to your database, the same result can be achieved easily and in 1Click.


No, there is no limit to the number of records allowed in the database/
We can run Excel imports in to 1Click from the very basic to the very complex with our 1Click import tool.
We have a bulk CV Parse tool that allows us to import a few hundred to many thousands of CVs.
Yes, all users can add notes but only Managers can update or delete notes.

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