Mobile Recruitment Platform Myths

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3 Mobile Recruitment Myths

MYTH 1 » You are going to be on the road all the time.

Over 90% of all recruitment is still performed in the office at a laptop or PC. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a fantastic revolution since it was invented in 1959 for military use, then commercially introduced in 1994. Prior to starting Darwin I myself spent over 10 years building web-based applications for Clients, and the majority of the end users still used them from the office! But to perform their role effectively recruiters need to be on the phone, looking at details on screen/paper, and making notes ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is pretty difficult from a drive-thru MacDonalds with one hand on the wheel, and the other juggling a burger and an iPad!

Top Mobile Recruitment Myths

MYTH 2 » iPads and Smartphones are going to change your life.
Have you ever tried to use an iPad to perform any kind of data entry or writing for just ONE HOUR? Well then you know it is not going to be as productive as sitting at a PC. Your fingers will get cramp and you will lose the plot quite quickly… “Working from home” on an iPad can soon deteriorate into 3 hours of twittering and a go on the new Angry Birds the kids persuaded you to install.

Great as these devices may be (and they absolutely are) professional recruiters will always need a keyboard, a desk and a telephone to produce any kind of meaningful results. The “i-devices” are however great for getting email on the move, and of course checking a client website before a meeting.

MYTH 3 » If you’re not mobile, you’re out of the loop.
Doubtful. Prior to smartphones and iPads professionals used telephones, PC’s, laptops and the internet to build relationships and get results. Even prior to the internet (“the dark ages”) when a cloud was still something white & fluffy in the sky, billions of pounds worth of trade was conducted EVERY SINGLE DAY without high-tech mobile devices.

New mobile technological developments are wonderful (and there will be many more over the next few years) but we must not forget that each technology has its place, and each forms part of a broad communication tool set from which we can choose the right one at the right time. A good example of this is the mistake many professionals make when they send long emails. Often a better relationship and subsequent outcome could have been achieved with a brief 3 line email and a 5 minute telephone call!)

Incidentally no technology on earth has yet replaced the quality of the face-to-face meeting, due to transfer of valuable non-vocal communication that takes place. People were born to communicate… hence why we get a ‘feel’ about things and are able to handle concerns and do business more effectively when on-site in person, or at the very least on the phone.

Mobile technologies do have a significant part to play however in the field of Social Media recruiting (covered in a separate post).