Easy Mailing

To send an email to a Contact or Candidate simply select the record, click mail, compose or chose template, and send… just like in Outlook. You can attach local files or ones attached to other CRM records.

When you send the Email it is automatically stored against that record for you or other members of your team to review later.

And when the recipient responds to your Email, their reply is automatically pulled from Outlook and stored against their record, where you can reply or forward if required. And everything on the profile – including emails – are searchable.

Bulk Emails – Hotlist

Darwin 1Click allows you to send personalised, bulk Emails to groups of people. Typically this would be as part of the search & match process when you are shortlisting for a vacancy.

1Click’s simple approach to messaging means you can quickly and easily get a personalised Email out in seconds. Simply search, drag to list, and email. You can even flag the Candidates with a traffic light system, and then just email all the ‘greens’ for example!

All Emails sent are automatically personalised (Dear Sam, Dear Jon, etc) and attached automatically to their respective records for future reference.

Global Mailing

Want to Email your whole Client base or Candidate pool? With 1Click it can be done in seconds. You can create a new mailing list or use one you have saved from a previous mailer. 1Click will validate your Email addresses for you so all you have to do is hit the send button.
All Emails sent will be attached automatically to their respective records.


Everyone has a mobile phone with them, so the easiest and most confidential way to get a message through to them instantly is via SMS.

Darwin 1Click allows you to send an SMS direct to a Candidate from within their record, using a template or by typing your own message and hitting send… it really is that simple.

A copy of the message is date/time stamped and automatically attached to the person’s record, so you and the other consultants can see the full communication trace right on the profile.

Bulk SMS

Want to get the attention of your Candidates to highlight a vacancy you are recruiting for?

1Click allows you to send a group SMS to targeted candidates in seconds… imagine that!

And again the SMS messages are automatically attached to each record once sent. It’s just too easy!


SMS are free from 1Click although there is a fair usage policy in place – SMS bundles can be purchased if required.
There is no limit to the amount of Emails that can be stored against a specific record.
No, we use a 3rd party Email provider which allows you to send Global Mails without any penalty to your own Email account.

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