Drag & Drop Form Designer Finally a Reality

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Darwin create first ever visual form designer for Windows

A breakthrough by UK software Darwin Corporation means that management can now effectively by-pass the IT people (or at least vastly reduce the level of work they have to do) and retain complete creative and administrative control over their CRM data. This non-technical “DIY” approach saves time & money, while also enabling the business to react faster to changes.

Traditionally management consult with their IT department or external IT company, who ascertain what data the user wishes to store and what they wish to do with it. The IT people can then create the database and a set of forms for the user to test & approve, before finally setting the application to live. This is often a costly and time consuming process.

And once live, any changes to the forms or database need to again go via the IT experts, creating further costs and delays.

World’s First Drag & Drop Form Designer

The company’s engineers have created a WYSIWYG (WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet) form designer that allows the business user to visually drag & drop fields onto a record, then hit the Save button. Absolutely no database knowledge is required.

Behind the scenes, the forms – which they call VisualForms – generate dynamic XML which is stored with the enterprise level database SQL Server2008, and is lightening fast to query and update.

Using the VisualFormDesigner a user can create both simple or complex multi-tabbed layouts, and link forms together to create a powerful relational system, in minutes.

John Walden, CTO of Darwin Corporation, said: “We are very proud of this groundbreaking achievement. Back in 1997 Microsoft gave SME’s the power to create their own websites with FrontPage’97. Ten years on, Darwin can provide them with complete control over their business data.”

UPDATE: Jan 18 2009 – Following a week in Microsoft labs, Darwin have increased the scalability of Dynamic Data by a factor of x10, read about the recruitment software on Microsoft.com