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Recruitment Software just got smart.... Darwin v4 is here!

1-Click recruitment is here at last. For the last 12 months we’ve been busy upgrading the recruitment software to be even more efficient & productive than ever before. Darwin version 4.0 (known as 1-Click) introduces a range of 1-Click actions that enable recruiters to perform many typical actions like searching, shortlisting, sending to client, etc in… you guessed it, a single click.

The 1-Click functions include:

  • 1-Click create Candidate from CV
  • 1-Click create Candidate from email
  • 1-Click look up Candidate or Client
  • 1-Click Search Candidates, CV’s, & Emails
  • 1-Click Add to Hotlist (marketing list for sending emails/SMS)
  • 1-Click Add to Shortlist
  • 1-Click Send CV’s to Client
  • 1-Click Email Candidate(s)
  • 1-Click SMS Candidates (free)
  • 1-Click Update Candidate Record(s)

Above is a summary only, check with Sales to get a full demo of the amazing v4.

Built on top of v.3

The new 1-Click functions are built on top of the existing version v3, which already provides recruiters with:

  • SQL Server Management Reporting – customers can have pretty much any report they want, the same day
  • LinkedIn Integration – users can view candidate updates on the social network from inside the software, create new records, and import LinkedIn Cv’s for immediate searching and indexing
  • Job Board Integration – though multiposter Idibu Agencies can now how 1-click distribution of their jobs
  • Social Media Search – through our integration with SocialMention, recruiters can now research their clients and candidates using social media, and be the first to know when they are mentioned on the ‘interweb’
  • Twitter Integration – watch and subscribe to live twitter streams, setup watches and alerts
  • Global Mailshot – consultants can email all candidates in a single click [currently in test for release shortly].

CEO Mike Chatha, said: “Our pledge is to give our customers the tools they need to save them time, make them money, and leave their competition standing.”

Existing Team customers get all new versions and upgrades for free.