Business Intelligence in 1Click Recruitment CRM

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After months of anticipation the new Business Intelligence Dashboard for 1Click has finally arrived! The CRM dashboard has been in development behind the scenes since January this year, and enables an agency to see:

  • the busiest recruiter, or the most productive, or who closes the most deals with¬†the least amount of work
  • the most profitable Client, or the most active Sector
  • the value of business at various stages of interviews and negotiation
  • which placements¬†took the longest to close?
  • if placements have been lost over time, what was the reason?
  • how individual recruiters are performing against KPI’s? (or how are the entire team are performing against their target)

Click on a picture to see the screenshots

  • My Upcoming Interviews
  • My Goals
  • My Activity
  • Manager Activity
  • Manager Top Performers
  • Candidate Sources
  • Vacancy Projections
  • Future Projections
  • Vacancy Duration
  • Top Client

Integrated within the Heart of the System


The BI Dashboard is the first thing recruiters or recruitment managers see when they log into the CRM system.

They have instant 1-Click access to recent vacancies, or up coming interviews for the next 5 calendar days.

Screens and their associated reports can be customised, and can be restricted by user/role if required (ie. if only a Manager wishes to have access).

Goals and KPI’s can be set by Managers, and Consultants can see how they are performing (idea to even show it on a LiveBoard in the office!)